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Fraser Damoff is the Executive Director of Cycle Oakville, the leading advocacy organization in the promotion of cycle-friendly business districts and more cycling infrastructure in Oakville.

Working hard to ensure Oakville has healthy and active citizens, Fraser has been a long-time advocate for the building of more separated bike lanes throughout Oakville. Changing the Town of Oakville's views on cycling (from a hobby type activity to a serious mode of transportation) has been a major goal of his.

Fraser Damoff also has a wealth of experience in the Canadian Energy sector with a keen focus on Aboriginal energy project financing, new venture financing and investment analysis for Energy Sector related start-ups as well as Conservation and Demand Side Management (DSM) programming.

In addition to this, he is a dedicated volunteer and community activist. He continues to be a member of the Terry Fox organizing committee, former co-chair of the United Way's GenNext association, ardent supporter of Oakville's Big Brothers Big Sisters, and volunteer at the Kerr Street Mission helping underprivileged families access healthy food options for less.

Fraser highlighted the need for more ideas, and more voices at the table when it comes to Oakville's local government when he ran for Town Councillor in Oakville's Ward 2 in 2016, finishing in 3rd place out of 11.

Fraser Damoff earned a Masters of Arts from Brock University with a specialization in Ontario's Green Energy Sector, as well as a certificate in New Venture Financing from the University of Maryland. He is a Kerr Village resident in Oakville's Ward 2 where he lives with his wife Taylor, dog Buster and cat Sunset.

"Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody." -- Jane Jacobs